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The Redhead process

What best characterises Redhead? Our to-the-point vision and ultra-modern equipment. We are passionate, dynamic and experienced and constantly searching for the extremes of creativity, aesthetics and effectiveness. We strive for top quality, with an epic ride along the way. However, we only have one goal – to enable videos to shine by offering more than just cinematographic shots alone.

Redhead goes further. Redhead goes beyond the traditional concept of pre-production and post production. After all, what use is a good video if it is not optimally deployed? Video marketing is a hot topic! It’s essential for successful content branding and ideal for intriguing campaigns. We coordinate each step with you to strategically anticipate your ultimate aim. Yes, we know how to turn it into a winner!

  • Concept

    Looking for some creativity? We can come up with the entire concept together. Which audience should we be talking to? What should we capture in the images? What is the purpose of the video? We fine-tune the story, create the look & feel and guide you through the entire process. Transparent, honest and impeccable!

  • Pre-production

    Once we have established the concept, we can start on the pre-production. We take care of everything, from casting actors and preparing call sheets to keeping a watchful eye on the story, mood boards and much more. In other words, you only need to look forward to the end result. Let us build your scene!

  • Production

    3, 2, 1 … action! The right people are in the right places and the recording can start. Amazing ultra HD, eye-catching images are rolling across the screen. Above all, the video is taking shape.

  • Post production

    Our experts are masters in the art of clever montage. We harmoniously assemble the images using innovative tools and techniques. We match the visuals to the right music and then the commercial, testimonial or promo video is ready.

  • Video marketing

    The video may be ready but only now can we start on the grand finale. Is it a TV production, cinema film or YouTube tutorial? Together we look at how we can best distribute the video, according to your aims. We do our utmost to create successful video marketing. What’s our secret? The combination of a no-nonsense strategy and expressive, distinctive images.