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Fiction or distinctive reality? 360° or aerial view? You’re right, moving images are exciting. But there’s more. More than just a production company. More than just content marketing. There’s more Redhead for your motion devotion.

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Behind the Redhead

Impressive camera footage, distinctive creativity and a solid, no-nonsense vision. The Redhead team works efficiently on the highest quality videos. Honest communication is our hallmark. We take video production to a totally new level. We perfectly coordinate each step of the process. This lets us anticipate the final aim, from the script to the final video on screen. We also round off each project with a good dose of content marketing. Are you with us?


Production process

Do you want to set the scene yourself or would you prefer to develop the storyboard together? As a production company, we guide you through the entire process. The end result is a totally awesome video!

The Redhead process

The Redhead process

  • Concept
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post production
  • Video marketing